Visiting Viking Sites in Scandinavia


by William L. Sullivan

Visiting Viking Sites in Scandinavia

Guidebook author and novelist William L. Sullivan takes us through Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in search of Viking ship burials, runic stones, and treasure troves. Sullivan toured Scandinavia seven times to research,"The Ship in the Hill," a historical novel based on the true story of a Viking ship excavated from a Norwegian farm in 1904. In his slide show, we'll take a ferry to Norway's North Cape, tour a medieval village on a Swedish island, and see a reconstructed Viiking fortress in Denmark. Expect trips on travel, history, and Scandinavian culture along the way.

Sullivan is the author of three novels and a dozen nonfiction books, including "Oregon Trips & Trails," "The Case of Einstein's Violin", and "Hiking Oregon's History." His journal of a 1000-mile hike he took across Oregon in 1985, “Listening for Coyote,” was chosen by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission as one of Oregon’s “100 Books,” the 100 most significant books in the state’s history. His memoir "Cabin Fever" tells the story of the log cabin he and his wife built by hand on a roadless river in the wilds of Oregon's Coast Range.

William L. Sullivan writing at his log cabin