Oregon's Greatest Natural Disasters

Here's the dramatic story of the floods, earthquakes, forest fires, eruptions, and tsunamis that have shaped Oregon and impacted people over the past 13,000 years. Recent events are included too: Do you remember the Columbus Day windstorm of 1962, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, or the Flood of 1996 that nearly crested Portland's seawall? Although such disasters occur at irregular intervals, they are in fact part of natural cycles, so it's possible to prepare for their impact. Are we ready for what's coming? A final, fictional chapter jumps into the future to visualize what might happen when geologists' predictions come true, shaking our cities with a massive earthquake and scouring the coast with a deadly tsunami. 264 pages, 6"x9", 46 maps, 160 b/w photos.

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Oregon is moving west across the Pacific plate at the rate of about one inch a year, but the contact zone is sticky, so every 300-500 years the Coast suddenly jerks west 30 feet. The last such earthquake was in 1700.

The Columbus Day Windstorm of 1962 killed people in strange ways.

Native American tribes had legends about a sea wave that left canoes in trees, but this oral history was long dismissed as myth.

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