Muir Creek

Muir Creek in Buck Canyon's upper meadow

  • Easy (Highway 230 to Muir Falls)
  • 5.4 miles round-trip
  • 250 feet elevation gain
  • Open May through November
  • Use: hikers, horses

  • Moderate (Road 400 to Upper Meadows)
  • 5.6 miles round-trip
  • 500 feet elevation gain
  • Open June to mid-November

Elk and deer love the brushy meadows along this mountain stream so much that early morning hikers almost always see them. If you’re not an early riser, you’ll still be able to see Muir Falls, wildflowers, and plenty of elk tracks. The two easy hikes recommended here sample the trail’s highlights. More ambitious trekkers can connect these trail segments or continue for a backpack trip into the beautiful, uncrowded Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness. Be aware that cows graze these meadows from July to early October.

The flattest and most accessible trail in this area leads from Highway 230 to Muir Falls. To find it, drive east …

The second short hike along Muir Creek climbs through prettier wildflower meadows to a subalpine bowl dammed by an ancient landslide. To find this trail …

Other Hiking Options

Backpackers with map and compass can complete …

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.