Hidden Beach

Trail viewpoint of the Klamath River mouth

  • Easy (to Hidden Beach)
  • 2.4-mile loop
  • 100 feet elevation gain

  • Easy (to Klamath Overlook)
  • 1 mile round trip
  • 350 feet elevation gain

  • Moderate (entire trail, with shuttle)
  • 4.1 miles one way
  • 700 feet elevation gain

The prettiest part of the Redwood Coast’s portion of the California Coastal Trail has no redwoods at all. Instead it traverses headland meadows and windswept Sitka spruce forests overlooking a dramatic, island-dotted shore. One short walk along this route leads to a viewpoint of the Klamath River’s mouth. A different short walk visits Hidden Beach, a sandy cove with a ship-sized rock anchored in the surf. For a longer hike, shuttle a car and do the entire trail one way. Dogs are not allowed on these trails.

Start by driving Highway …

After 100 yards turn left on the Coastal Trail and cross a footbridge to the start of the Yurok Loop trail. The Yurok tribe still flourishes along the lower Klamath River. Historically, the Yuroks used the trunks of fallen redwoods to build plank houses and to carve huge sea-going canoes. They sailed to offshore rocks to gather mussels and hunt sea lions. In Yurok, False Klamath Rock is called olrgr (“digging place”) because of the edible brodiaea wildflower bulbs there. A smaller rock near shore is prgris-o-tsiguk, “where bald eagle rests.”

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range.