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Most of William L. Sullivan's books are available as digital eBooks -- hiking guidebooks, Oregon histories, and Oregon murder mysteries. Most include color photos, links, expandable maps, and other information not available in the print versions. You can loan them to friends for up to 14 days. And f you buy the print book, you can add the eBook for $1.99. Click on a TITLE below for a free peek inside!

The latest versions of Oregon hiking guides:

100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Northwest Oregon & Southwest Washington

100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Eastern Oregon

100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Southern Oregon & Northern California

100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range

100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades

Oregon mysteries and stories:

The Case of Einstein's Violin (a mystery about a missing formula)

The Case of D.B. Cooper's Parachute (a mystery about the hijacker)

The Case of the Reborn Bhagwan (a mystery about a Rajneeshee revival)

The Oregon Variations (short stories set in every Oregon county)

Historical novels:

The Ship in the Hill (about a Viking excavation in Norway)

The Ship in the Sand (about the Viking age in Denmark)

A Deeper Wild (about frontier poet Joaquin Miller)