Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

  • Easy
  • 2-mile loop
  • No elevation gain
  • Open all year

Nearly a mile of boardwalks traverse jungly, marshy forests to two elaborate birdwatching blinds in this wildlife refuge south of Salem. Ankeny Bottom was one of three large Willamette Valley tracts set aside in the 1960s to provide habitat for dusky Canada geese—a subspecies that nests in summer at Alaska’s Copper River Delta and spends the winter in Oregon. Birdwatching here peaks during the April and September migrations, but hikers can expect to see many kinds of ducks, geese, and other birds year round. Pets and bicycles are not allowed.

Drive Interstate 5 south of Salem 10 miles to …

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This chapter is an excerpt from 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades.