Toketee and Watson Falls

Toketee Falls

Easy (to Toketee Falls)

0.8 miles round-trip

100 feet elevation loss

Open except in winter storms

Easy (to Watson Falls)

0.8-mile loop

300 feet elevation gain

Open mid-March through December

A pair of easy 0.4-mile trails lead to the North Umpqua’s most spectacular waterfalls—90-foot Toketee Falls, whose name means “pretty” in the Northwest Indians’ Chinook jargon, and 272-foot Watson Falls, tallest in Southern Oregon. Both tumble from the eroded edges of basalt lava flows that coursed down this valley from the High Cascades thousands of years ago.

The Toketee Falls Trail is set to reopen May 31, 2010, once workers have rebuilt the route’s elaborate stone and wood staircases, which were destroyed in a 2007 windstorm.

To find the trailhead, drive …

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.