Lost Creek Lake

  • Easy (to The Grotto)
  • 5 miles round-trip
  • 100 feet elevation gain
  • Open all year

  • Moderate (north shore, with shuttle)
  • 9.6 miles one way
  • 200 feet elevation gain

  • Difficult (entire lakeshore)
  • 18.7-mile loop
  • 400 feet elevation gain

Waterskiers and fishermen are familiar with this reservoir on the upper Rogue River, but surprisingly few hikers have discovered its shoreline trail. The path is nicest in spring when the reservoir is full, the wildflowers are blooming, the birdlife is at its most active, and the powerboats aren’t yet too noisy.

Most visitors to Lost Creek Lake cluster around the dam’s outlet (with picnic areas and the nation’s third-largest steelhead hatchery) or Joseph Stewart State Park (with a campgound, swimming beach, boat ramp, marina, cafe, and store). But trails in those areas are mostly paved. For a wilder walk on the quieter side of the lake, head for …

Other Hiking Options

Long-distance hikers are supposed to be able to follow the Upper Rogue River Trail from Lost Creek Lake to the river’s source near Crater Lake. But if you hike …

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.