Gwynn Creek

Cummins Creek

  • Difficult (from visitor center)
  • 5.8-mile loop
  • 1100 feet elevation gain

  • Difficult (from Cummins Creek)
  • 7.4-mile loop
  • 1500 feet elevation gain

Some of the most spectacular old-growth Sitka spruce forests on the Coast drape the wild canyons south of Cape Perpetua. A 5.8-mile loop from the visitor center follows the crest of Cooks Ridge and traverses back through Gwynn Creek’s secluded valley. The Forest Service charges $5 to park at the visitor center, but there’s no fee at the Cummins Creek Trailhead, where a longer loop around the beautiful Gwynn Creek valley begins.

For the short loop, drive …

For the longer loop …

Other Options

Although the official Cummins Creek Trail doesn’t go to …

Sitka spruce along the Oregon Coast Trail

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range.