Coldwater Lake

  • Easy (to lake access)
  • 2.6 miles round trip
  • 100 feet elevation gain
  • Open March through November

  • Moderate (to bridge)
  • 9.4 miles round trip
  • 200 feet elevation gain

  • Easy (Hummocks Trail)
  • 2.4-mile loop
  • 250 feet elevation gain

Most of Mt. St. Helens’ summit slumped to the north and slid down the Toutle River valley during the mountain’s 1980 eruption. The slide dammed 4-mile-long Coldwater Lake and left an eerie collection of 200-foot-tall hummocks strewn across the valley floor. You can view the results of this volcanic mayhem by hiking along the new lake’s shore to a dramatic bridge over a gorge. Nearby, an easy loop trail tours the weirdly scenic Hummocks.

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This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Northwest Oregon & Southwest Washington.