Oregon for the Curious

Oregon for the Curious

A slide show presentation by

William L. Sullivan

Author William L. Sullivan takes us on a slide show tour of Oregon’s oddest hiking and travel destinations, from an island sea cave to a forgotten canyon of colored pinnacles. Expect off-the-beaten-path tales of history and geology, as told by the bestselling author of a new short story collection, “The Oregon Variations.”

Sullivan has hiked every trail he could find in the state for his popular “100 Hikes” guidebooks, a series that he updates continually. He has also written four novels and many nonfiction books about Oregon, including “Hiking Oregon’s History,” “Oregon Favorites,” and “The Case of D. B. Cooper’s Parachute.” His journal of a 1000-mile hike he took across Oregon, “Listening for Coyote,” was chosen by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission as one of Oregon’s “100 Books,” the 100 most significant books in the state’s history.

Chalk Basin on the Owyhee River