East Boulder Lake

The outlet of East Boulder Lake

  • Easy (to East Boulder Lake)
  • 4 miles round-trip
  • 930 feet elevation gain
  • Open early July through October
  • Use: hikers, horses

  • Moderate (to pass near PCT)
  • 6.4 miles round-trip
  • 1350 feet elevation gain

  • Difficult (along PCT)
  • 9.8-mile loop
  • 1920 feet elevation gain

This little known corner of the Trinity Alps Wilderness samples the best of the region—gorgeous lakes in scenic high country. But it also has the drawbacks of the region—rough trailhead access roads and cattle herds that damage alpine meadows. Note that group size for humans is limited to ten. Permits are required for campfires, stoves, or overnight use, and can be picked up at ranger stations.

To drive here from Oregon, take …

For a longer hike, …

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.