Art & the Vineyard authors

THE ART & THE VINEYARD FESTIVAL  – The Oregon Authors Table has become a popular feature of this artsy celebration on the Fourth of July weekend in Eugene’s Alton Baker Park, along the Willamette River. Authors are sent an email invitation in early April, and sign up for as many two-hour intervals as they like. Authors do not have to pay the $7 admission to the fair, but a fee of $1 per hour is charged to offset the cost of the canopy and table rental. Authors are also expected to donate 15% of gross sales to the nonprofit Maude Kerns Art Center, the festival’s sponsor. 

If you are an author and would like to receive an invitation, send an email to with your name, the title of your book, a sentence about yourself, and a sentence about your book.

Here is a press release for the 2017 event:

Trilogies on Tap by Local Authors

By William L. Sullivan

It’s hard enough to write one book, but a surprising number of Eugene-area authors have completed trilogies this year. They will be among the 30 authors discussing and autographing their works at the Oregon Authors Table in the Art & the Vineyard Festival over the Fourth of July holidays.

Dan Armstrong, also known for his novels of environmental suspense, has just released the third and final book in the “Eyes of Archimedes” series. In these historical novels, the Greek mathematician Archimedes and his slave change the course of ancient Rome with their seemingly magical inventions.

Science fiction seems a particularly fertile field for tripartite tomes.

Dana Furgerson, an artist whose woodcarvings have been featured in the Mayor’s Art Show, has just completed a trilogy of illustrated adventure books for preteen readers. In this series, Violet and Ollie travel through time in attempt to change civilization’s trajectory so that humans don’t cause global warming. The latest, “Stardust”, completes the trilogy that began with “The Sapphire Eye and the Emerald Tooth.”

Did you know that “furry” conventions draw crowds of fans dressed as their favorite animals? Mary Lowd has tapped this market with her “Otters in Space” series, including the soon-to-be released third volume, “Octopus Uprising”.

Lowd is setting down deeper roots in Eugene now that her husband Daniel recently won tenure as a computer science professor at the University of Oregon.

The champion local trilogy author may well be Tim Fox, who is completing a trilogy of trilogies – that’s right, a total of nine books. Fox works part time as a Forest Service archeologist, but you may have seen him in his literary role, selling his books at Saturday Market.

Fox’s “Afterlands Convergence” series is set 14,000 years in Earth's future, when a receding Ice Age reveals high-tech artifacts that could plunge the world into chaos. After completing the first two trilogies, “Ice Watch” and “Ghost Guardians,” this year Fox released the first two volumes of the final trilogy, “Children of the Orbs.”

The Oregon Authors Table is located beside the festival’s wine courtyard in Eugene’s Alton Baker Park. Admission to the festival is $8 on Sunday and Monday, and $9 on Tuesday, when evening fireworks are planned. A three-day pass is also available for $16.

The table has room for about seven authors at a time, so if you want to meet a specific author, be sure to check the following schedule of appearances.

Dan Armstrong: “Zama” is the final historical novel in a trilogy about the Greek mathematician Archimedes and his slave in ancient Rome. Monday and Tuesday, 11am-7pm.

Lorraine Anderson: “Earth & Eros” and “Wild in the Willamette” are anthologies of nature writings and outdoor trip suggestions that Anderson has edited. Tuesday 11am-3pm.

Tom Arnold: “The Hot Body Club” (a murder mystery set in Eugene), “Chambers of the Human Heart”, and “Checkpoint Charlie”. Sunday 11am-1pm and Monday 1-3pm.

A. Lynn Ash: “The Route from Cultus Lake” and other adventure memoirs. Monday 5-7pm.

Joe Blakely: “The Drain Black Sox of Oregon vs. the Alpine Cowboys of Texas” and other books about sports and history. Sunday through Tuesday, 11am-7pm.

Tyler Burgess: “Eugene City Walks” and many other walking guidebooks. Sunday 11am-1pm and Monday 11am-7pm.

Jennifer Chambers: “Remarkable Oregon Women: Revolutionaries & Visionaries” and other books about women, self-advocacy, and the paranormal. Sunday 3-7pm.

Denny Conn: “Homebrew All Stars” and “Experimental Hombrewing”. Sunday 1-5pm.

Gary Cornelius: “Chasing Ivory: An Alaska Murder Mystery and Love Story” (2017). Monday 11am-1pm.

Theo Czuk: “Heart-Scarred”, a novel about a boy alone in the wilderness. Sunday 11am-1pm and Monday 11am-1pm.

Carola Dunn: “Buried in the Country” is her fourth murder mystery set in Cornwall. “Superfluous Women” is number 22 in her Daisy Dalrymple murder mystery series. Sunday 1-5pm.

Jan Eliot: “Privacy is for Wussies” is book 11 in the “Stone Soup” cartoon series. Tuesday 1-7pm.

Tim Fox: “The Afterlands Convergence” includes three sci-fi trilogies set 14,000 years in Earth’s future. Sunday 11am-1pm and 5-7pm.

Dana Furgerson: “Stardust” (2017) is the last in a preteen trilogy of illustrated time-traveling adventures. Tuesday 3-7pm.

Robert Heilman: “Overstory Zero” and other essays. Monday 5-7pm.

Ann Herrick: “Boss of the whole Sixth Grade” (2017) and many other young adult novels. Sunday 1-3pm.

Evelyn Searle Hess: “To the Woods” and “Building a Better Nest”, memoirs of building a home in the Coast Range west of Eugene. Tuesday 3-5pm.

Randy Hill: “The Vigilante” (2017), a thriller about a former CIA assassin investigating the NRA. Tuesday 3-7pm.

Sai Marie Johnson: “Simply Scarlet” (2017, a novel), “Embracing His Empire” (2017, a romance set on the planet Kanavisil), and other works of fiction and poetry. Sunday 5-7pm.

Sage Liskey: “The Happiest Choice: Essential Tools for Everyone’s Brain Feelings”, “A Century of Moon Phases,” “You Are a Great and Powerful Wizard”, and “How to Trim Weed Fast.” Sunday 1-7pm and Tuesday 11am-7pm.

Mary E. Lowd: “Otters in Space 3: Octopus Uprising” (2017) and other “furry” sci-fi novels. Monday 1-5pm.

Mary-Kate Mackey: “Write Better Right Now”. Monday 3-5pm.

Charlotte Peterson: "The Mindful Parent: Strategies from peaceful cultures to raise compassionate, competent kids". Monday 11am-1pm.

Poets’ Corner: C. Steven Blue and half a dozen local poets present their latest poetry chapbooks. Sunday 11am-7pm.

ElsieMarie Rochna: “Archie’s Magic Summer”, a children’s book. Monday 11am-1pm.

William L. Sullivan: “The Case of the Reborn Bhagwan” (2017, murder mystery) and “100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Southern Oregon & Northern California” (2017). Sunday through Tuesday, 11am-7pm.

Shirley Tallman: “Death on Telegraph Hill” and other murder mysteries set in San Francisco in the 1880s. Sunday 1-5pm.

David Turner: “Along the Long Tom River” (2017), a book with historic photos and stories of Kalapuyans, settlers, and farmers in the area west of Eugene. Monday 3-7pm and Tuesday 11am-1pm.

Francesca Varela: “Call of the Sun Child”. Monday 1-3pm.