Mount Bailey

(from upper road)
5.4 miles round-trip
2330 feet elevation gain
Open end of July through October

Difficult (from lower road)
9.8 miles round-trip
3130 feet elevation gain 

Left: The final pitch to Mt. Bailey's summit crosses a slippery ridgecrest.

The two major mountains looming on opposite sides of Diamond Lake are both popular climbing goals for hikers. Mt. Thielsen is taller and has a more dizzying view, but the route to its top ends with a trailless scramble and a hair-raising rock climb. Mt. Bailey is almost as challenging, but its steep trail leads all the way to the top. What’s more, the final mile is full of surprises: a hidden crater, a rock garden of wildflowers, a double summit, and a rock wall with a window overlooking Diamond Lake.

Most hikers start the climb at ...

If you’re not wearing boots with soles that grip well, consider turning back at the ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.

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