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Lacamas Park

Easy (Round Lake to falls)
3.4-mile loop
200 feet elevation gain
Open all year
Use: hikers, bicycles

Moderate (Lacamas Lake path)
7 miles round trip
No elevation gain

Left: The Potholes

When Ice Age floods roared down the Columbia River 12,000 years ago they took a shortcut across what is now Clark County. The channel they carved has since filled with forest-rimmed lakes and the waterfalls of Lacamas Creek. Although modern development has now encircled this scenery, with the mill town of Camas on one side and the housing tracts of Vancouver on the other, Lacamas Park remains a miniature wilderness—just the right kind of convenient, woodsy place for a winter stroll or an easy hike with the kids. A new 3.5-mile trail along Lacamas Lake makes the area even nicer.

For the woodsy loop through Lacamas Park, turn off Interstate...

For a longer hike or bike ride, start at a different trailhead and tour...

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