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Boardman Corridor North

Beach along Boardman Corridor

(four viewpoint walks)
2.8 miles round trip
600 feet elevation gain

Easy (Whaleshead Bch to Thomas Cr)
2.8 miles one way
500 feet elevation gain

Moderate (Thomas Cr to Arch Rock)
4.4 miles one way
700 feet elevation gain 

Left: China Beach from the North Island Viewpoint.
Below right: China Beach.
Below left: The Thomas Creek Bridge, Oregon's highest. 

The coast along Boardman State Scenic Corridor is a spectacular parade of islands, coves, and capes. Both Highway 101 and the Oregon Coast Trail trace the 12.7-mile length of the narrow park. Because the two routes touch every mile or so, it’s easy to divide the trail into smaller day hikes or to shuttle a car between trailheads for one-way hiking. Below are recommendations for the northern half of the park.

If you only have time for a quick tour, the best bet is to ...

For the third of the four short viewpoint hikes, drive ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range.

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