Brice Creek

Upper Trestle Falls on Brice Creek
(entire trail, with shuttle)
5.5 miles one way
600 feet elevation gain
Open all year
Use: hikers, bicycles

Easy (to Trestle Creek Falls)
4.4-mile loop
1000 feet elevation gain 

Left: Upper Trestle Falls on Brice Creek

The trail along this lovely creek leads past small waterfalls and swimmable pools under the canopy of an old-growth forest. The route is fun for children and open even in winter. A paved road unobtrusively parallels the trail on the creek’s opposite shore, making access easy at several points. To hike the entire trail one way, plan on leaving a shuttle car or bicycle at the upper trailhead. If waterfalls are your goal, however, consider starting at the upper trailhead instead. From there a 3.4-mile loop climbs to Trestle Creek, where the trail ducks behind the creek’s spectacular upper falls. The falls are prettiest when full, in spring.

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This chapter is an excerpt from 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades.

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