Applegate Lake

(around peninsula)
6.4-mile loop
400 feet elevation gain
Open all year
Use: hikers, bicycles

Difficult (around entire lake)
17.8-mile loop
300 feet elevation gain 

Left: Applegate Lake.

This reservoir is wreathed not only by the forests of the Siskiyou Mountains, but also by a convenient network of trails. Admittedly, low water levels expose the brown bathtub ring typical of reservoirs, but noisy speedboats are banned and the overall setting remains fairly wild. Expect to see fish-hunting osprey, wildflowers in grassy openings, and glimpses of Siskiyou peaks. For an easy loop hike along the shore, explore the trails on a peninsula beside French Gulch. For a longer, level bike ride, circle the entire lake on a 17.8-mile route that’s two-thirds on trail and one-third on paved roads.

To find the trailhead ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.

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