Clackamas River Trail

(to first beach)
1 mile round trip
100 feet elevation gain
Open all year

Moderate (to Pup Creek Falls)
7.6 miles round trip
1050 feet elevation gain

Moderate (entire trail, with shuttle)
7.8 miles one way
1300 feet elevation gain 

Left: Pup Creek Falls

This all-year trail through the Clackamas River’s canyon features hidden beaches, mossy forests, and whitewater viewpoints. A highway unobtrusively follows the river’s far shore, making it easy to arrange a car shuttle and hike the 7.8-mile trail one way. If you can’t find a second car to shuttle, try a short walk to the trail’s first beach or a moderate hike to Pup Creek Falls.

From Interstate 205 near Oregon City, take exit...

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