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Mirror Lake

Easy (to Mirror Lake)
3.2 miles round trip
700 feet elevation gain
Open mid-May to mid-November

Moderate (to summit viewpoint)
6.4 miles round trip
1500 feet elevation gain

Avoid this popular hike on summer weekends, when the unmarked parking area is jammed and the trail crowded. But on weekdays or in the off-season, the trip is hard to beat. The relatively easy path starts at a waterfall and climbs to a subalpine lake mirroring Mt. Hood. Hikers with weary soles can stop to reflect by the lake while more energetic hikers chug on up through the wildflowers to an even more spectacular viewpoint atop Tom Dick & Harry Mountain.

Drive Highway...

Tom Dick & Harry Mountain was named for its three distinct summits. The trail ends at the westernmost of the tops. The other two are off-limits to protect wildlife.

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