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Learn-To-Read Storybooks

Big Little Books: FUN Learn-To-Read Storybooks for ages 4-7.
This series of hilarious learn-to-read storybooks makes children laugh. But the books are also carefully sequenced, introducing new letter sounds and sight words in an educationally sound order that teaches key reading skills. The fifty books are divided into five sets of ten, which should be introduced in order. Big Little Books are designed for children age 4-7, but children at any age are ready to start reading if they can recognize most letters of the alphabet and have the patience to listen to a storybook for at least ten minutes. Never, ever read Big Little Books aloud to your child! Instead, let your child read these books to you. 
The books are available only as Kindle eBooks, but you can print them out if you like.

William L. Sullivan is the author of 23 books of history, adventure, and mystery. He has learned eight languages and has taught reading in three. In writing the Big Little Books he relied on the expertise of his wife Janell Sorensen, a preschool teacher with special education certification, and on critical evaluations by their two children, Karen and Ian.  Sullivan and his wife live in Eugene, Oregon. Their children are now grown – Karen teaches linguistics at a university in Australia and Ian is an astrophysicist at the University of Washington in Seattle – but recently another generation has been learning to read, and learning to laugh while reading, with the Big Little Books.

Books 1-10 introduce the simplest letter sounds, and yet still tell entertaining stories. Titles are: Cat, Bat, Cans, Jan’s Hats, The Bag, The Bad Fish, Max is a Pal, The Hot Pot, On Top, Tag.

Books 11-20 introduce the first consonant blends, -nt, -rd, -sk, and yet still tell entertaining stories. Titles are: The Vet, Ten Fish, What is Fun?, Gus the Duck, All the Men, An Ant, Ask the Dog!, An Old Elf, The Farm, A Hard Mix.


Books 21-30 introduce important two-letter combinations: sh, ch, th, and ck, and yet still tell entertaining stories. Titles are: The Star, The Snack, The Slug, A Small Bug, My Old Duck, Jan’s Fish, That Hat!, The Song, The Chat, What Gramma Said.

Books 31-40 introduce the two-letters ai, ay, ee, ow, and ou, as well as the useful "silent e" rule, and yet still tell entertaining stories. Titles are: Kay and Gail, We See a Bee, Go or Stay?, An Odd Cow (Part 1), An Odd Cow (Part 2), Out and In, We Play a Game, I Hide and Seek, The Mouse Went for More, Jake Likes Jokes.

Books 41-50 introduce the useful combinations -igh and -alk, and yet still tell entertaining stories. Titles arre: About a Lot of Things, I Like the Night, Help Her, Helper!, My Little Sister, The Monster Party, A Sister and Three Brothers, They Walk and Talk, The Book to Cook, Where is the Robber?, and Some More of Jake's Games.