Strawberry Lake

Strawberry Lake

(around Strawberry Lake)
4-mile loop
550 feet elevation gain
Open July to mid-November
Use: hikers, horses

Moderate (to Little Strawberry Lake)
6.6 miles round trip
1200 feet elevation gain

Difficult (to Strawberry Mountain)
12.6 miles round trip
3320 feet elevation gain
Open August through October 
              Above: Strawberry Lake

With alpine lakes, snowy crags, and waterfalls, the Strawberry Range seems like a chunk of the Canadian Rockies dropped onto the sagebrush plains of Eastern Oregon. For a picture-postcard view of this surprising range, hike 1.3 miles to Strawberry Lake, a mountain pool backed by a palisade of cliffs. For an even better view, continue past Strawberry Falls to Little Strawberry Lake. And for the best view of all, take a well-graded trail all the way to the panoramic summit of 9038-foot Strawberry Mountain.

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From this lofty perch, the creekside forests at the foot of the Strawberry Range look like great green snakes crawling out into the brown desert. To the north, look for the gridiron of Prairie City. To the west, the Strawberry Range humps off toward the crags of Canyon Mountain. To the southeast, above Rabbit Ears’ spires, shimmers the distant white stripe of Steens Mountain.

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Slide Lake is another...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Eastern Oregon.

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