Plaikni Falls and The Pinnacles

Easy (Plaikni Falls) 
2 miles round trip
200 feet elevation gain
Use: hikers
Open mid-July to mid-October

Easy (The Pinnacles)
1 mile round trip
50 feet elevation loss
Use: hikers, bicycles

 Wildflowers peak in late July and early August. Click to see what’s blooming this week.

These two trails in the quiet southeast corner of Crater Lake National Park are short enough, and close enough together, that you can easily do both in an afternoon.  The one-mile packed gravel path to Plaikni Falls ends in a wildflower glen with a spring-fed cascade. At The Pinnacles, you can stroll half a mile along the rim of a canyon of weird ash spires to discover an abandoned park entrance.

From Park Headquarters . . .

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.\

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