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Lava Cast Forest and Cave

Lava Cast Forest
(Lava River Cave)
2.2 miles round trip
200 feet elevation loss
Open May 2 to October 14

Easy (Lava Cast Forest)
1-mile loop
100 feet elevation gain
Open May through November 

Left: Casts of Fallen Trees
Below: Entrance of Lava River Cave

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument is packed with geologic curiosities left by the Newberry Volcano. Two of the most astonishing attractions call for short hikes—an underground stroll through mile-long Lava River Cave and a paved loop through the Lava Cast Forest. The two trails are short enough, and close enough together, that you can do both in a single afternoon.

Start with Oregon’s longest and most hikable lava tube, Lava River Cave. Drive ...

This chapter is an excerpt from 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades.

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