Hand Lake Shelter

Three Sisters from Hand Lake

(to shelter)
1 mile round trip
100 feet elevation gain
Open July through October
Use: hikers, horses

Easy (to old wagon road)
2.6-mile loop
200 feet elevation gain 

Left: The Three Sisters from Hand Lake
Below: Hand Lake Shelter
At bottom: Crossing the lava flow on the old wagon road

If you have but one hour to spend in the Wilderness consider investing it here, because this short walk provides as much interest as a trek. In just 2.6 miles you’ll pass wildflower meadows, mountain views, a rustic shelter, a lake, a lava flow, and a historic portion of the old McKenzie Wagon Road. There’s even a short (but safe) trailless section to add a touch of adventure. 

Start by driving...

This chapter is an excerpt from 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades.

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