Alsea Falls

Easy (to campground bridge) 
1.2-mile loop
30 feet elevation gain

Moderate (to Green Peak Falls)
2.8 miles round trip
400 feet elevation gain

Left: Alsea Falls.
Below: Footbridge above the falls.

Half the fun of visiting this Coast Range waterfall is discovering the scenic road that leads here between the rustic, time-forgotten hamlets of Alsea and Alpine. At the falls themselves you’ll find a small campground, a pleasant picnic area, and a network of riverside trails extending to less-visited Green Peak Falls.

If you’re coming from the Willamette Valley, drive ...

If you’d rather see another waterfall, instead ...

If you’re still going strong, there is a ...

Other Options
The only riverside trail open to mountain bikes...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range.

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