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Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout
(to tip of cape)
4.8 miles round trip
400 feet elevation gain

Moderate (to south beach)
3.6 miles round trip
800 feet elevation gain

Easy (shuttle to picnic area)
2.3 miles one way
800 feet elevation loss 

Left: Cape Lookout

Like an unfinished dike to Hawaii, this narrow, cliff-edged cape juts 2 miles straight out into the Pacific Ocean. At the trailhead atop the cape, hikers have three choices: walk out to the viewpoint at the cape’s tip, descend to a secluded beach at the southern base of the cape, or amble north along the bluffs to the state park’s popular picnic area and campground. The trails have muddy spots unsuitable for tennis shoes.

The cape itself dates back 15 million years, when lava flows from Eastern Oregon poured down the Columbia River and fanned out. All along the northern Oregon Coast, tough remnants of that massive basalt flood have survived to form headlands and islands.

From downtown Tillamook, head ...

Other Hiking Options
For a difficult trek from ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range.

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