Coffin & Bachelor Mountains

Coffin Mountain wildflowers

Moderate (to Coffin Mountain)
3 miles round trip
1020 feet elevation gain
Open late June through October
Use: hikers, bicycles

Moderate (to Bachelor Mountain)
4 miles round trip
1115 feet elevation gain

Coffin Mountain’s casket-shaped silhouette looms ominously on the horizon almost wherever you go in the western Cascades foothills. Cliffs make the summit appear unreachable, but a steepish trail switchbacks up through wildflower meadows to the summit plateau, where you’ll find a lookout that’s staffed in summer.

If you’ve been to Coffin Mountain before—or if you want an even better view of the snowy High Cascade peaks—climb neighboring Bachelor Mountain instead. Not to be confused with Mt. Bachelor, Bachelor Mountain is a little-known viewpoint peak overlooking Coffin Mountain.

From Salem, take ...

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