Tanner Lakes

(to the lakes)
2.6 miles round-trip
350 feet elevation gain
Open late May through November
Use: hikers, horses

Difficult (to Tanner Mountain)
8.3-mile loop
1700 feet elevation gain
Open early June to mid-November 

Left: Tanner Lake.

This pair of green mountain lakes set in side-by-side, cliff-rimmed cirques makes a clever destination for hikers with children. If the kids seem tired when they reach lake number one, declare victory there. If they’re still antsy, push on to the huckleberry fields at lake number two. And if you’re hiking without children, the ticket is to continue up Tanner Mountain for a birds-eye view of the lakes and the whole Siskiyou range.

To start, drive ...

To climb Tanner Mountain, continue ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.

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