Silver Falls

South Falls at Silver Falls State Park
(to Lower South Falls)
2.8-mile loop
300 feet elevation gain
Open all year

Easy (to Middle North Falls)
5.2-mile loop
400 feet elevation gain

Moderate (to North Falls)
7.1-mile loop
600 feet elevation gain 

Left: South Falls at Silver Falls State Park

These popular loops through the forested canyons of Silver Falls State Park visit ten spectacular waterfalls, five more than 100 feet high. Several paths even lead through mossy caverns behind the falls’ shimmering silver curtains.

The park is usually hikable even in winter, but it’s perhaps at its prettiest in spring, when wildflowers are blooming and the falls are roaring. Note that a special $5 parking fee is charged throughout the park, and that dogs are not allowed on the canyon trails. 

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