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Elk Meadows

(to Elk Meadows)
6 miles round trip
1230 feet elevation gain
Open late June through October
Use: hikers, horses

Difficult (to Gnarl Ridge)
9.4 miles round trip
2230 feet elevation gain
Open mid-July through October 

Left: Mt. Hood from Elk Meadows

Two of Mt. Hood’s most scenic hiking goals are tucked away on the mountain’s southeast flank: a rustic shelter amidst Elk Meadows’ wildflowers, and Gnarl Ridge’s breathtaking cliff-edge viewpoint amid wind-dwarfed pines. Visit either destination, or take a slightly longer loop and visit both.
Shelter at Elk Meadows

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Right: Shelter at Elk Meadows
Elk Meadows Hike Photo Album, July 21, 2011

Click here to see the flowers that are typically blooming in Elk Meadows this week.

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