Rosary Lakes and Maiden Peak

Rosary Lakes in Winter

(PCT to Rosary Lakes)
5.4 miles round trip
600 feet elevation gain
Open late June to early November
Use: hikers, horses

Easy (gondola to Rosary Lakes)
5.9-mile loop
No elevation gain
Open late June into September
Use: hikers

Difficult (gondola to Maiden Peak)
15.9-mile loop
2100 feet elevation gain
Open mid-July into September 

Left: Rosary Lakes in winter
Below: Eagle Peak gondola in summer
At bottom: Rosary lakes in summer

Blue beads on a mountain’s necklace, the Rosary Lakes sparkle in a high basin beside Maiden Peak. The classic hike to these very popular lakes climbs the Pacific Crest Trail from Willamette Pass. On weekends you can take a fun shortcut by riding the nearby ski area’s summer gondola up Eagle Peak and returning past the lakes on a loop, entirely downhill. For a challenge, tackle a longer loop to the summit of Maiden Peak itself, passing a charming log cabin and Maiden Lake along the way.

For the classic hike, turn off Willamette Highway...

If you’re interested in climbing Maiden Peak, be warned ...

This chapter is an excerpt from 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades.

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