Mirror Lake and Eagle Cap

Eagle Cap from a tarn near Mirror Lake
(to meadow crossing)
10.2 miles round trip
1500 feet elevation gain
Open mid-July through October
Use: hikers, horses

Difficult (to Mirror Lake)
14.8 miles round trip
2020 feet elevation gain

Difficult (to Eagle Cap)
19.6 miles round trip
4000 feet elevation gain
Open late July through October 

Left: Eagle Cap from a Tarn near Mirror Lake

Eight valleys radiate from 9572-foot Eagle Cap, the rock hub of the Wallowa Mountains. Although Eagle Cap is not quite the tallest peak in this range, its 360-degree view is unmatched, and a surprisingly well-graded trail climbs to the summit from the East Lostine River’s meadows. If your goal’s the summit, plan on a two-day trip. If you’re out for a day hike, settle for a view of the cliff-edged peak from the Lostine meadows or Mirror Lake.

Note that group size is limited to 12 on trails and 6 in camps. Tents must be at least 100 feet from lakeshores, grazing horses must be at least 200 feet from lakes, and campfires are banned within a quarter mile of Mirror Lake.

Drive Interstate ...

... Peer over a cliff to the east for a breathtaking look down at barren Glacier Lake. To the left, blue-green lakes dot the forested Lake Basin beneath the white cliffs of the Matterhorn. Still farther left, meadows roll down the barrel-shaped East Lostine River valley toward the Two Pan Trailhead where you began.

Other Options
Several backpacking loops return ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Eastern Oregon.

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