Lake of the Woods

7.1-mile loop

No elevation gain
Open June to mid-November
Use: hikers, bicycles

Reflecting Mt. McLoughlin’s snowy pyramid, this large lake is one of the most popular destinations in the Southern Oregon Cascades. Lake of the Woods has campgrounds, a rustic resort, ramps for ski boats, giant meadows, bird-filled marshes, and lots of easy trails. The 7.1-mile exploration suggested here hits the highlights, but there are plenty of shorter options too.

For the best view of Mt. McLoughlin, start at the Sunset boat ramp. If you aren’t staying at the resort or a campground, expect to pay $5 to park here, and anywhere else at this end of the lake. Note that mosquitoes are a problem from late June to late July.

From Ashland, drive . . . 

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