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Lookout Mountain

(from High Prairie)
2.5-mile loop
570 feet elevation gain
Open July through October
Use: hikers, horses

Difficult (from Highway 35)
10 miles round trip
2980 feet elevation gain

Left: Mt. Hood from Lookout Mountain

This summit not only overlooks every Cascade peak from the Three Sisters to Mt. Rainier, it also has a rare panorama of the Columbia River Plateau and the Badger Creek Wilderness. Certainly the view of
Mt. Hood is hard to beat.

Two very different routes climb to Lookout Mountain. The loop from High Prairie is easy enough for hikers with children. Although the climb from Highway 35 via Gumjuwac Saddle is long and tough, it starts at a convenient trailhead and offers views of its own.

For the easy loop, drive Highway...

Mt. Hood and Lookout Mountain
Other Options
If you’ve already hiked to Lookout Mountain via Gumjuwac Saddle and would like to try a different viewpoint...

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