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Timothy Lake

(to Timothy Lake viewpoint)
4.4 miles round trip
100 feet elevation gain
Open May through November

Difficult (around Timothy Lake)
12-mile loop
200 feet elevation gain
Use: hikers, horses 

Left: Timothy Lake and Mt. Hood

This hike starts at sapphire Little Crater Lake and follows the Pacific Crest Trail to the forested shore of Timothy Lake, one of the Cascades’ larger and more scenic reservoirs. Hikers interested in a longer loop can continue all the way around Timothy Lake, passing four campgrounds, several beaches, and views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson.

Little Crater Lake may only be 100 feet across, but it’s as blue and as geologically unusual as its bigger National Park cousin. For centuries an artesian spring has been welling up in a wildflower meadow 15 miles south of Mt. Hood. The cold, gushing water has gradually worn away an underlying layer of soft siltstone, leaving a 45-foot-deep funnel of astonishingly 
Indian Pipe
clear blue water.

From Portland, drive Highway...

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Indian Pipe

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