Peavy Arboretum


3.9-mile loop
900 feet elevation gain 

Left: Forestry Club cabin.
Below: Cronemiller Lake.

Half a dozen self-guiding nature trails from Peavy Arboretum explore this corner of Oregon State University’s 11-square-mile McDonald Forest. Because the short loops often overlap, it’s tempting to combine them. The tour described here visits many of the area’s highlights—a grove of ancient trees, a lake, and a viewpoint of Marys Peak.

Drive Highway ...

Then the Powder House Trail crosses another road beside a 1937 dynamite cap storage shed, and descends through a ...

Other Options
If you’re still going strong when you reach Cronemiller Lake, you can ...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range.

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