1951 Onyx house rental


This is an agreement made on ___________________ between William Sullivan and Janell Sorensen (hereinafter called Bill & Janell) and ___________________, (hereinafter called Tenant). Bill & Janell agree to rent a portion of the house at 1951 Onyx Alley, Eugene, OR 97403 to Tenant for a period of 12 months beginning at noon, June 22, 2014, and terminating at noon, June 22, 2015. Because workers will be replacing the carpets and appliances June 22-27, 2014, the recommended move-in date is June 28.

The monthly rent payable under this agreement is $450 per month for 3 months in summer, and $550 per month otherwise, due on the 22nd day of each month, in advance, to Bill & Janell at 1958 Onyx St., Eugene (phone 683-6837). Rent may be paid by the 27th day of the month without penalty.

The portion of the house leased for Tenant’s exclusive use consists of the ________________ upstairs bedroom. Tenant will share (with up to three other tenants approved by Bill & Janell) the use of the upstairs bathroom, the living/dining room, the kitchen, the downstairs half bath, and the two uncovered parking spaces on the alley. Tenant and the Other Tenants agree to share access with Bill & Janell to the downstairs foyer, laundry room, and yard. Tenant is not leasing, and does not have access to, the garage or the studio/bedroom on the alley side of the main floor.

Tenant agrees to pay one-fourth of the electric, water, and sewer bill for the entire house, with the understanding that Bill & Janell will not unreasonably add to the use of these utilities. In exchange, Bill & Janell agree to pay for garbage service and to maintain the yard. This lease agreement also grants Tenant use of the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and clothes dryer in the house. Tenant is responsible for replacing light bulbs that burn out and smoke alarm batteries that run down during his/her tenancy.

Tenant agrees not to park on neighbors’ property without permission, nor to put garbage in neighbors’ dumpsters, nor to park on the sidewalk on the alley side of the house in front of the garage entrance.

Bill & Janell will provide free on-street parking permits for Tenant’s car.

Smoking, even by guests, is not permitted inside the house. At no time are dogs allowed inside the house.

Tenant agrees not to make excessive noise or to host large parties or to engage in any other activity that disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. Tenant will be considered in violation of this lease agreement if more than 20 people are inside the house at one time, or if noise that disturbs neighbors continues after 11pm on week nights or 12 midnight on Friday/Saturday nights. Exceptions must be obtained in writing, in advance, from Bill & Janell.

Tenant agrees not to paint, improve, redecorate, or alter the premises without first checking with Bill & Janell. Tenant agrees not to use tape, sticky-pads, or adhesive to attach posters or other hangings to the walls, but rather to use only thumbtacks or thin wire nails. No nails, screws, stickers, or attachments of any kind are allowed on exposed woodwork such as doors and kitchen cabinets.

If rent remains unpaid 5 days after the due date, or if Tenant violates any other part of this agreement, Bill & Janell may give a written warning to Tenant. If rent remains unpaid 10 days after the due date, or if a second violation of any kind occurs, Bill & Janell may give written notice that this agreement will terminate and that Tenant will be evicted in 7 days (24 hours if the second violation is non-payment of rent)..

Tenant understands that the cleaning deposit may be used to have the house professionally cleaned and marred interior walls repainted, if necessary, at the termination of this agreement.

If a majority of the Other Tenants identify Tenant or Tenant’s guests as a source of damage (such as a broken window), the cost of repair will be deducted from Tenant’s security deposit. Except in this case, Tenant and the Other Tenants of the house are jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of the terms of this lease. Thus, if the tenants cannot agree in this fashion about who is responsible for damage, all of the tenants (including Tenant) will have their security deposits docked equally.

Tenant may not sublet the house without permission from Bill & Janell. If Tenant wishes to terminate this lease prior to the termination date, Tenant may do so by paying a $400 penalty and by finding a substitute tenant who meets the approval of Bill & Janell. At no time may more than four tenants share the house.



First Month’s Rent

Last Month’s Rent

$150 Cleaning deposit (refundable)

$300 Security deposit (refundable)

Total received upon signing: _____________

We hereby agree to this lease agreement:

____________________________________________________ Date:___________

William L. Sullivan and/or Janell E. Sorensen

_____________________________________________________ Date: ___________



For 1951 Onyx Alley, Eugene, OR 97403

Contact: Bill & Janell, 1958 Onyx Street, 683-6837, Sullivan@efn.org

Name __________________________________________

Current telephone (home) ________________________

Email ___________________________________________

I want to apply for a one-year lease for a quarter of the 4-bedroom house at 1951 Onyx Alley at the rate of $450/month in summer and $550/month the rest of the year.

If you’re a student, what’s your current level and major? ________________________

How many years would you anticipate staying in the house? _____________________


Present address ________________________________________________

How long? ___________________________ Rent per month ____________

Landlord’s name __________________________________________

Landlord’s phone number _____________________________

Why do you wish to move? __________________________________________

Previous address ________________________________________________

How long? ___________________________ Rent per month ____________

Landlord’s name __________________________________________

Landlord’s phone number _____________________________


Present position ______________________________________________

How long? _____________________________

Employer / reference name __________________________phone number_____________-