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Rebel Creek

Easy (to second bridge)
2.2 miles round trip
400 feet elevation gain
Open late March to mid-December
Use: hikers, horses

Difficult (to Rebel Rock lookout)
12.3-mile loop
3300 feet elevation gain
Open mid-June through October

The old-growth forests along this mountain stream are as grand as those along nearby French Pete Creek, but because this area is less well known, it’s much less crowded. What’s more, energetic hikers can continue up Rebel Creek on a challenging loop past a hidden lookout building to a viewpoint of the Three Sisters.

Drive McKenzie Highway ...

The trail begins at ...

An even better mountain view awaits half a mile farther along the loop trail, where the path crests a meadowed ridge. Here you can finally spot the Three Sisters and Mt. Jefferson.

After the viewpoint the trail ...

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