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Chucksney Mountain

10.3-mile loop
2000 feet elevation gain
Open late June through October
Use: hikers, horses, bicycles

This invigorating loop climbs along forested ridges to the crest of Chucksney Mountain, where it ambles more than a mile through delightful summit meadows with views of the Three Sisters. On the way down, the path visits a hidden glen—the headwaters of Box Canyon Creek.

To drive here from...

The loop trail continues on the far side of the crest, heading left through the summit meadows. The route loses a few feet of elevation but then levels off for more than a mile. At the end of the summit ridge descend through a meadow with a glimpse of Diamond Peak and turn left on the Grasshopper Trail. The next mile of this path explores a high basin with scattered meadows. Look here for blue aster, pearly everlasting, purple larkspur, and petal-less brown coneflower. Finally the path crosses (sometimes dry) Box Canyon Creek and ...

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