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Paulina Creek Falls

Paulina Creek Falls in winter

(to falls viewpoints) 1.6 miles round trip
300 feet elevation gain
Open late June to late October

Easy (to McKay Crossing)
5.6 miles round trip
500 feet elevation gain
Open except after winter storms
Use: hikers, horses, bicycles

Difficult (entire trail)
16.6-mile loop
2050 feet elevation gain

Left: Paulina Creek Falls in winter

Paulina Creek spills from a caldera lake high in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, tumbles down the volcano’s slopes in a series of waterfalls, and meanders across the high desert. The 8.5-mile trail tracing the stream is a bit long for a day hike, so most hikers focus on shorter segments—either exploring the spectacular summer viewpoints up at Paulina Creek Falls, or strolling along the lower creek where trails are usually snow-free even in winter.

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