Hemlock Lake

(Yellowjacket Loop)
5.6-mile loop
910 feet elevation gain
Open June through November
Use: hikers, horses, bikes

Moderate (with Flat Rock detour)
7.2-mile loop
1380 feet elevation gain 

Left: Hemlock Meadows

The spectacular wildflower meadows on this loop trail have the subalpine feel of the High Cascades. But this patch of mountain scenery is less than an hour from Roseburg in an often-overlooked corner of the Old Cascades, the eroded remnants of a much older volcanic range. Thousands of trilliums and shooting stars line the misnamed Yellowjacket Loop in June. For a broader view, climb a side path to a lookout site atop Flat Rock.

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This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.