South Fork Rogue River

(upper portion)
6 miles one way
450 feet elevation gain
Open May through November

Moderate (lower portion)
6.8 miles one way
550 feet elevation loss 

Left: The South Fork Rogue River.

A well-built trail follows the brawling, bouldery South Fork Rogue River more than 12 miles through old-growth woods. There are three trailheads. If you can arrange a shuttle, it’s fun to start at the middle trailhead and hike one-way for 6 miles to one of the trail’s ends. If you don’t have a shuttle, start in the middle anyway. You’ll find good turnaround points for short hikes in either direction.

To drive to the central trailhead on Road ...

Other Hiking Options
A much rockier, steeper portion of the South Fork Trail begins at...

This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon.