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The Case of the Reborn Bhagwan


The Case of the Reborn Bhagwan

In this sequel to Sullivan's popular Oregon mystery, "The Case of D.B. Cooper's Parachute," a swami reveals that the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has been reincarnated as a 26-year-old barista in coffee shop on Killingsworth.
Portland detective Neil Ferguson suspects there will be trouble. In the 1980s the original Bhagwan had brought thousands of red-robed followers to Oregon, preaching enlightenment and free love. They built a utopian city in Eastern Oregon's desert -- and then poisoned hundreds of people in an attempt to overthrow the government.
Now the Rajneeshees are back, building a new city on an Indian reservation near Crater Lake. When people begin falling victim to a mysterious sniper, Ferguson has to find out the truth behind the revival -- and rescue his niece Harmony.

Paperback (256 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2") $14.95
eBook $9.95
ISBN 9781939312143